Solutions for Businesses

Jingglingprovides solutions specially crafted for businesses to manage their international, roaming and device management provisioning.

Unlike other propositions you may have come across, with Jinggling nothing changes - the mobile phone, SIM card and number stays exactly the same! You enjoy all of the benefits of the bundled minutes, however, in using this amazing technology we will guarantee to save at least 50% of whatever you pay your existing supplier.

Jinggling is the easiest way to make savings, just take a look at your existing mobile phone bill and calculate your international charges, local premium numbers and amount spent roaming. Whatever this charge is, we are confident that we can provide the same services for only 50% of the charges, with no compromise to the quality of connection.

Jinggling can offer immediate benefit to corporates and provide:

  • 50% savings when calling overseas compared to your current provider
  • 50% savings on calls to non-geographic numbers
  • 15-50% savings on roaming
  • A single business account – with many users
  • Fully itemised monthly billing
  • A reliable service that will support your business needs
  • Mobile Device Management facility

Best Call Quality

Through our relationships with the World’s top carriers, we only terminate your traffic using the same routes as your mobile carrier, we get extremely competitive wholesale rates and therefore can pass on the savings to you.

Customised Support Services

We pride ourselves on our customised support model, your success is our success. We have a number of different support teams for your requirements in every facet of telecommunications, which means that you don’t need to have any technical knowledge.

With all these advantages and cost savings, the case is clear – set up a Jinggling account today and start enjoying the benefits, email us on for a discussion with one of our account managers.

Small Business

With each account you can add other mobile or landline numbers to it and benefit from the same low cost plan,all registered users can the use the service at the rates agreed.

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We can supply our services anywhere, we have 63 primary countries where the user can use the full power of the app. In any other location, the app has been modified to adhere to local laws and provides fantastic savings.

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The Jinggling Mobile App, automatically finds the least cost to route the call (LCR) that are made from your mobile phone. It’s a telecoms driven technology which means that the app combines traditional dialing.

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