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We know that fraud is a worry for buyers and sellers on the internet.

We want you to have a pleasant and untroubled experience when shopping with us - so we have a rigorous policy to protect our customers and our business. Credit or Debit Card fraud is a serious crime and a felony punishable by heavy fines and jail time. Fraudulent behaviour will be prosecuted aggressively to the fullest extent of the law.

Payment System

Our card payment systems are secure (the 'padlock' icon that you see when entering personal details and a credit card number). Your payment information is maintained securely and your personal data is not shared with anyone. However, if you are concerned that a payment to Jinggling is incorrect or has not been processed, please let us know immediately at +44 203 608 0087.

Customer's IP Address

During the ordering and payment process we record the internet address (IP address) of the customer's computer. This is to facilitate evidence-gathering and this information will be used, if and only if, a transaction later proves to be fraudulent. The information is used for no other purpose.

Transaction Watch

Our payment processing partners operate intelligent systems which look for suspicious transactions or usage patterns and report them. We always check to ensure that orders are legitimate before goods are dispatched. Sometimes, for your protection, we will contact you to verify an order. This will not affect delivery times.


We investigate and pursue attempted fraud to the full extent the law allows. This includes the recovery of civil compensation and costs as well as criminal prosecution.

Credit card details

Card numbers are transmitted directly to the card payment network for authorisation. Jinggling does not record or store the credit card number anywhere.

Charge Back Claims

If a chargeback has been lodged with your credit company, we will share details of your account with them. We will immediately block access to services and initiate a recovery procedure for any losses incurred through this action on behalf of the company. You will be entirely responsible for the losses and charges applied to your account, we will vigorously challenge any claim made against our normal top-up process.

Thank you for your help in making the internet a safe place to shop. Enjoy your visit to our site.