How it works

Installation of the Jinggling App

Simply follow the instructions to install the Jinggling App.
We will need to have access to various parts of the of phone to make the App work properly.

Registering your mobile number

Register your mobile number omitting the ‘0’ and enter in the space provided. Wait for the verification code via sms, this will ensure that you are registered correctly on the jinggling network.

Verification of mobile number.

Once you have verified the sms code and activated the App against your mobile number, you will be offered an opportunity to make a FREE test call..

Jinggling Main Menu

This is the main menu for Jinggling, users can access the following options;

  • Make a call: with android you make calls using your native dial pad
  • Top-up account: this is where you can add more credit to your account>
  • Check Rates: This is alive rate table that shows you the great rates we charge when you use our service
  • Tell Friends: Like the service then let your friend know, we have a refer a friend scheme in place
  • Settings: this menu will give you control of the call and App
Making Top-up’s to your account

Text: Making Top-up’s to your account When the Top-up option is selected you will have various methods to top-up, we have shown the most popular available.

  • PayPal: We accept any registered users, pay in any currency
  • Credit/Debit Cards: We accept, Visa, MC, Amex, and all other major brands
  • Top-up by phone: Want to use your existing PAYG or contract credit, simply push money directly to you Jinggling account
  • Voucher payment: Purchased a voucher or been given a promotional credit simply enter this here.
Check Rates

This will always display the current rates charged, because we dynamically adjust the rates it’s a place where most people visit before making that call. We display our rates to 3 decimal places so that you can see how competitive we are. This table will adjust automatically when you switch between ‘selected or All calls through Jinggling’.

Spread the word

We have grown to date using good old recommendation tactics so join in and tell your friends, we have referral programs in place that will reward you. Just let your friend to enter your mobile number as the referral code and will reward you both.

Jinggling Settings

In the settings menu you can select how you like Jinggling to interact with your calls, simply choose from the menu

  • Jinggling test call: Want to check the quality or hear instructions use this option
  • Disable service: Sometimes, you may want to do something different so we have provided an on/off button. Hey don’t forget to switch it back on!
  • All/selected Calls via Jinggling: Here you can choose, which calls you would like to route via Jinggling.
  • All Calls: This is ideal for PAYG customer or contract customers who don’t want to use their bundled minutes accessing the Jinggling network. The entire call cost is borne by Jingling and the rate will be displayed in the rate table. We believe that you could save as much as 40% making local calls using Jinggling.
  • Selected Calls: Just send selected calls through Jinggling i.e. International, Premium or non-geographic numbers only.
  • Re-Initialise App: This is a soft re-boot, maybe the app isn’t quite working right, just simply try this first.
  • Contact support: We want to understand what feedback you require 24/7, so here is where you can feedback your experiences direct from the App. When you do this we will have all of the information ready to discuss the problem.
  • Rate Jinggling app: Let us know your experience, we will let others know and help grow a community of likeminded users.
Jinggling Customer Support 24/7

We have grown with customer recommendation and feedback, we would love to hear your views so we have given you a wide selection. Choose the topic that is most relevant.

How to start calling

You are ready to go! Press HOME key to go back to home screen.

Just dial any international number directly, use 011 or + sign as prefix!

A pop up window "Jinggling to xxxxx" means you are using Jinggling network to make an international call.

After the call, just hang up normally.



You pay operator for the air time of domestic calls.

Imagine you can dial international calls directly, just like using mobile operator service but paying a small fraction of operator's price. No access number, no PIN number, no anything! That is exactly the user experience Jinggling brings to you.

You may use one of the two methods to pay

You pay for Jingging service based on low per-minute international rates, See our low rate. There is no any connection fee, monthly fee, "shrinking minutes", and any other hidden charges.

When you run out your credit, just start Jinggling app and choose "Add More Credit".

Imagine you can dial international calls directly, just like using mobile operator service but paying a small fraction of operator's price. No access number, no PIN number, no anything! That is exactly the user experience Jinggling brings to you.