Who we are

Jinggling is headquartered in London and with local operations and customers in the EU, USA and India. The team at Jinggling have developed an ingenious app compatible with all handsets and mobile networks to make cheap international calls (IDD) from mobiles without any SIM, hardware or dialling procedure changes. Through this simple download, jinggling has empowered its users to have better control and make huge savings when calling abroad, or whilst roaming or to when calling non-geo numbers without compromising to quality.

No matter which mobile phone operator or country your employees are in, we can supply them all the same service, all under one contract and one bill. You also have an integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) service that will also take care of your deployment and provisioning.

The Jinggling App is unlike other Apps, such as ‘Viber or Whats App’ as it does not rely on the internet to make calls. There are no such things as free calls because someone is paying for the connection, in the cases of Viber and Whats App it’s the customer or the Wifi provider.

The concept of least cost routing goes back 25 years to the first calling card launched by MCI, whereby using this card would circumvent any high charges applied by the incumbents. Many other schemes have been introduced since the advent of the mobile phone to ‘share’ the revenue generated by mobile users when making International Direct Dial (IDD) calls. The Jinggling app when launched in 2011, was built around the LCR concept, simply to re-direct any calls that were prefixed by ‘00’ or any other digits that the user decides. When jinggling was acquired, the executives wanted to provide several USP’s that would make the user choose a jinggling service rather than another telecom provider.

We have built a reliable, scalable multimillion pound infrastructure with ‘best of breed’ partners:

Telecoms and Traffic

In-Frastructure and Backbone

Payments and Delivery Partners

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