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Dated: 28 Jul 2014

"You can never plan for disruptive technologies. That's why they're disruptive - they're unexpected; they invent new markets and make old technologies obsolete before the existing providers know w View more

Charges for surfing the internet on smartphones while travelling in the EU have been cut by half as new rules come into force

Dated: 28 Jul 2014

European leaders have brought in changes over recent years to cut the fees in stages since 2007, aiming to eliminate them entirely within months.
These roaming charges can lead to phone users View more

Data roaming charges compared

Dated: 28 Jul 2014

As a British holidaymaker is charged £2,609.31 to download a Neil Diamond album, we compare roaming charges at the major UK providers

Britons spend more than £256 millio View more

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