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  • How does Jinggling work?
  • When the Jinggling app is installed, you simply dial the desired destination and Jinggling will do the rest, it's that simple. If the desired destination is international then Jinggling will switch this call using your existing network to the Jinggling network. The call will be terminated using our high quality routes giving you clear lines at a great rate.

  • Can I save on local calls?
  • With Jinggling placing all your calls through Jinggling means that you can save money when making local calls.
    In some countries even making intercity/state calls are expensive and maybe outside the normal dial plan (bundle) and customers using a Pay As You Go (PAYG) SIM card/plan will get charged exorbitant rates when they make local calls to other mobile and domestic numbers.
    Switching all of your calls to Jinggling will reduce call charges and the user will only be charged for the minutes terminated by Jinggling (see your rates plan within the App) - there will be nothing to pay to any local provider other than the rental charge of the SIM card.

  • Do I need a data package to use Jinggling?
  • No. Unlike other inferior apps that rely on Data or VoIP (Voice over IP) Jinggling never uses the data channel to make calls. We use the same method as your existing provider and so guarantee clear connections.

  • Do I enter into a mobile contract with Jinggling?
  • No, we don't provide you with a monthly or yearly contract. Jinggling is as flexible as a normal PAYG service, you simply top-up and use the credit to make calls. It's ideal for holiday makers or just making casual calls to friends and family. It doesn't cost anything to keep, so it's there in case you need it.

  • Can I call people that don't use Jinggling?
  • Yes. Unlike other apps that rely the destination user to have also have the App (WhatsApp, Viberetc) with Jinggling you can call anyone, the call will always be clear and cost effective.

  • Some Apps use WiFi and Data to make calls aren't these cheaper?
  • Although using a WiFi connection is almost free, its still a cost to the provider and the bandwidth cannot be guaranteed which means that the quality will suffer. Using 3/4G data is still very expensive, data is still an expensive channel. Also the 'real-time' nature of voice makes using a data channel worst as packet delays mean that the sound will be garbled.

  • Does Jinggling reduce my cost of roaming?
  • The Jinggling service can help reduce the cost of making calls when you travel, the app will operate differently in some countries due to local regulations. However, the way you dial will not change and the app will save between 15-50% of your normal voice roaming charges.

  • I already have a roaming bundle from my provider?
  • Great, this will also help reduce the cost of using the Jinggling service. In the EU the incoming charges will be banned in 2015, this legislation will reduce the charges even more for Jinggling users.

  • Once I have installed the Jinggling app what should I do?
  • If you are an Android user, you simply make a call from your normal keypad or contacts list. Jinggling will pick up any international calls that you dial. If you have an iPhone, you simply open the Jinggling App and dial from the keypad or select from your contacts list.

  • When I try to register it says invalid number?
  • The Jinggling service can work from anywhere, however our app will operate differently in some countries due to regulations and our roadmap. If you are trying to use our app within these countries please ensure that you have internet access.

  • How do I manage my Jinggling account?
  • Everything you need to do is available right from the Jinggling App, it lest you check;
        o Current Balance
        o Rates to all destinations
        o User Guide
        o Customer Support
        o Profile settings
        o All other App settings
        o Top-up facility

  • Can I tell my friends and family about this service?
  • Sure you can use our service and technology all over the world, we are promoting our services for a limited time. If you refer a friend, we will give both of you a 10% bonus of the first topup.

  • When do call charges take effect?
  • With Jinggling there are no connection or disconnection charges, in fact we only charge the for the time connected and at the end of the call. You can check the start balance before you make a call and the end balance when you end. We charge by the minute, so simply check our charges by looking at the rates section.

  • I don't live in any of the countries that you have mentioned?
  • Any one can use our service all over the world, It's one of the main differentiators to any other service. Jinggling works in all parts of the world that provides smartphone marketplaces. If you are having trouble finding the one for your country simple down load from either the UK or USA, our technology is so clever it will re-configure to work locally.

  • Will Jinggling work just on smartphones?
  • We have 2 versions of jinggling; the first is for smartphone users and can be downloaded from your regular app store or marketplace the second can be used on your PC, ask for more details.

  • Why does my number not show?
  • In some cases this may be down to the country that you are calling, however you may be using a tariff where you have prioritised cost over quality, simply change plan through the App to a premium plan

  • Is my information on the handset secure?
  • 100% secure, we adhere to strict standards that our apps have to comply with before your handset will accept the download.

  • How can I top up my Jinggling account?
  • We have provided 4 simple methods that you can top-up the account. We accept payments in GBP, Euro and USD if you choose to pay in another currency; we will simply convert this to our preferred billing currency for that country;

        o PayPal: If you have a paypal account simply use this option, just follow the instruction. - you will receive 100% of the credit applied
        o Visa / MC / AMEX etc: We take all major credit cards - you will receive 100% of the credit applied
        o Charge by Phone: Ideal for contract who prefer not to pay by credit cards, simply charge the amount to your existing bill - well charge a             one off £0.75 per recharge
        o Vouchers or Retail payment: If you prefer to pay by cash, simply purchase a Jinggling top-up voucher from a retail store, simply look for             sign.

  • Where do I use a referral or Promo Code?
  • To enter any referral code, you must be at the installation screen. To get here, choose the settings option - Reactivate. This will allow you to enter the referral or promocode.

  • Do all handsets work with Jinggling?
  • Yes, we work with smart and non-smart phones, just choose the download from cb.jinggling.com